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Business Cards / Visiting

Print Business Cards / Visiting cards From us and enjoy Quality prints and competitive pricing. We don’t just print business cards, we design and print cards that “speak for you”. A good business card depicts your brand and creates an impression of the organization’s activities in the mind of the audience/ Receiver.

It is this understanding that makes Inkpaste Printers and stationers a reputable business card printing company in Kenya and East Africa Region.

We are known to be the top business cards printer in Nairobi, Kenya, that delivers the cards business within short notice. Our turnaround for business ranges is a few hours and sometimes minutes.

Minimum Quantities: 100 pcs.

Business cards sizes: 5.5 X 8.5cm,  Size 9.5 X 5.5,  5x 9cm, 5 x 8cm

Business cards Paper thickness:  250gsm, 300 gsm, 350 gsm

 Business Cards Finishing  

We have unlimited finishing option, just to name a few  :

Round corners business cards

Die cut edges business cards

Matte lamination business cards

Gloss lamination business cards

3D lamination business cards

Velvet lamination business cards

Frost business cards

Embossed business cards

plastic Business Cards

In  need of business cards printing services in Kenya and beyond?  We are here to help. Let us print your business cards at affordable prices today:

Cell/WhatsApp: +254724720002

Email:  sales@inkpaste.co.ke  / inkpaste111@gmail.com

Business cards samples

Cards video samples

Sample 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NRH8rNaDfg

Sample 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bSuhWUIT10

Business cards image samples

sample 3. https://web.facebook.com/inkpaste/photos/a.658047710908349/2329373003775803/?type=3&theater

sample 4. https://web.facebook.com/inkpaste/photos/a.658047710908349/2522936897752745/?type=3&theater

sample 5 . https://web.facebook.com/inkpaste/photos/a.658047710908349/2560643533982081/?type=3&theater

sample 6. https://web.facebook.com/inkpaste/photos/a.658047710908349/2293003677412736/?type=3&theater

sample 7. https://web.facebook.com/inkpaste/photos/a.658047710908349/2293003600746077/?type=3&theater

sample 8. https://web.facebook.com/inkpaste/photos/a.533958063317315/2198667363513035/?type=3&theater

sample 9. https://inkpaste.wordpress.com/2019/08/24/business-cards-printing-in-kenya/


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Business Cards Designs

In order for us to print business cards we require business cards design in PDF format or any other high resolution format. However, if you do have the business cards design, our graphic design time will help you generate a custom business card design for your company/ trader/ organization that suite the industry you are in. The cost of graphic design may vary between ksh 500 - ksh 1500. We are looking forward to helping you with your business cards.

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