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Flyer Printing Services

Flyers Printing In Nairobi, Kenya

Flyers and leaflets are direct and mass marketing tools used by organizations, traders, institutions, businesses, companies, and individuals to promote products and services. The huge adoption of flyers is due to the fact that:  distribution by hand is easy, on the office table, on the streets, bulleting and notice boards among other public places. The flexibility which flyers are provides as a marketing tool makes it easy for both small companies and big corporations to adapt easily.

Are you in need of quality flyer printing services in Kenya? Then, this is the right stop. Inkpaste Printers and stationers Ltd is the leading flyers printers in Kenya and in the region. This is due to the fact that we print flyers that depicts organizations’/companies’ branding concepts vividly. We are a top flyers printing company in Kenya, we design and print high-quality flyers that help organizations, trades, and companies convey their messages vividly. We offer both digital printing flyers and offset printing flyers.

Flyers are the perfect means of conveying briefed messages easily to the larger public. Therefore, flyers as a marketing tool can not be ignored as a mode of passing branding, marketing, or products and services messages.

Flyer Size

Inkpaste Printers prints flyers from small size A6 – huge size A4 on either gloss or matte paper. We have reputation for offering high-quality flyers at affordable prices. Flyers are commonly A6 and A5 sizes ,however, some organization may have customs size for the flyers. Most frequently flyers are printed on art paper either gloss or matte 115- 200 gsm. Get both small quantities of flyers printing and  bulky flyers printing services in Kenya  from us

Flyer Prices

The cost of flyers solely depends with the quantities and GSM of the paper being used. Bulky flyers printing is cheaper as compared to a few  flyers digital runs.  publicize your brand and printing flyers and leaflets from us. Talk to our sales team for flyer printing services quote.

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Flyers Sizes - A6 Size - A5Size - DL Size - A5 Size - Customer Size Flyers paper Art paper ( gloss/matte)- 115 gsm,130 gsm,150 gsm,170 gsm, 200 gsm. Bond paper ( 80 gsm)

Flyers Printing services In Naairobi,Kenya

Flyers printing services in Nairobi, Kenya. Order quality flyers printed by us at affordable prices and quick turn round. By engaging us for flyers printing services are guaranteed of value for money.

Design and print quality Flyers from us. We have a repute of printing high quality flyers printing services to corporates, companies, traders, group and individuals. We print flyers on art paper both matte and gloss. We offer flyers of all sizes from A6 size, A5 size, A5 size, Dl size, a4 and any other custom size. No order of flyers is too small or too huge for us. we take both small flyer printing runs and bulky flyers printing services. Order flyers printing services from us today.

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