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Cost of printing a book in Kenya

Cost of printing a book in Kenya

What is the Cost of printing a book in Kenya? This is the question that any person wishing to print books in Kenya lingers in his/her mind. It is definitely the right question that will help you budget.

The Cost of printing a book in Kenya may vary due to the fact that the cost of printing books depends on the following:

  • Number of pages
  • The size of the books
  • Colour (black and white or colored)
  • Type of binding
  • Paper (the type of paper being used)
  • Process of printing (whether offset print or digital print)

Offset Printing of books in Kenya

In simple terms offset printing involves the commercial production of books.

The cost of bulky book printing in Kenya is much cheaper compared to other options. Offset printing means the commercial printing process. This type of printing requires volume printing of books and thus makes the unit price lower.

Digital printing of books in Kenya

Digital printing of books is a quicker process but slightly more expensive compared to offset printing.  Likewise, the cost would be determined by colors, size of the books, and the number of pages. Some paper types are not friendly with the digital printing of books and may not be possible.

The cost of printing books on demand

The cost of print-on-demand paper books on average are as follows:

black and white books price per page

  1. A4 size (black and white ) – ksh 10-15
  2. A5 Size (black and white) –  ksh 5-10

Coloured books price per page.

  • A4 size (color) – ksh 15 – 30
  1. A5 Size (color)   – ksh   10-15

Note this price may vary depending on paper used and machine used.

Books binding

You need to print books and bind in Kenya. There are several binding types you adopt:

  • Perfect binding/hot glue binding
  • Saddle stitch binding
  • Tape binding
  • Spiral binding
  • Wire binding
  • Hard cover binding
  • Thread sewing binding

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