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How much does the printing of a book cost in Kenya?

Book cost in Kenya : Do you wish to know How much does the printing of a book cost in Kenya?

There are several ways and methods you can have your book printed on in Kenya. In turn, the method you adopt may impact your cost of printing books in Nairobi, Kenya.

Moreover, several factors may influence which type of book printing to adopt. For instance, if you are in need a few  copies or print-on-demand books. you  may consider doing digital printing which is slightly expensive compared to offset printing services.

Books Printing Method

For bulky book printing and commercial printing, the offset process is the most preferred, and digital printing is for short runs and print-on-demand books. Offset is considered cheaper  and quicker when the book volume is huge

The book printing cost in Kenya

The cost may vary from one book’s printing press depending on the book’s specifications, method of printing, number of copies you need to print, type of paper and binding you wish to adopt, and indeed your location of services.  In addition, The cost of printing a book largely depends on book sizes i.e whether it is A5, B5, A4 etc, the book’s colors, and the volume which is the number of pages.

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